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The Swimming Pool is between the two buildings of the Pad & Buff Bar and the Field Restaurant. The pool covers 200m2 and incorporates a jacuzzi.  The underwater jets keep the water constantly agitated and provide an impressive massage for swimmers.  Surrounding the swimming pool, tables are set up so that guests can have their meals and drinks in a natural setting.  Our pool attendants are well-trained to pool security standards so that water safety is ensured throughout their duty times. The 1,000m2 Playground is covered with silky green grass and surrounded by local banana trees with special red flowers.  This is an ideal place for families to gather, and children can play on the safety-tested equipment.  While parents make themselves comfortable in the seating area, their children can be left under the special care of staff well-trained in child safety and first aid.  For any food and beverage requirements, simply choose from our special Outdoors menu and order through the attendants.

The Fitness Centre is located on the ground floor of the Pad & Buff Bar building.  Modern equipment is safety-tested and periodically quality checked.  A lounge is available so that guests can take a rest before or after their training.  A simple Equipment User Manual is attached to each device.  The Healthful menu provides a choice of training schedules to restore energy and refresh the mind.  For any food and/or beverages requests, please contact our attendant.


The Yoga Studio is a boutique room made from coconut wood and offers à la carte yoga sessions. Introductory classes are offered, and more specific classes at different levels are scheduled on a weekly basis.  In addition, studio rental is available upon request.  For any enquiries about schedules, classes, fees, and yoga equipment, simply dial 0 from your room to contact Reception.