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Visiting Hoi An Ancient Town

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Venue: Ancient House Resort – 377 Cua Dai, Hoi An

Please reserve in advance at front desk


Taking the opportunity to see how the local people live their daily lives should be your first decision when visiting Hoi An.  Despite the fast-changing and developing local economy, people still maintain a rustic yet welcoming lifestyle.  Rated amongst the top-choice destinations in the world for travellers, Hoi An Ancient Town defines itself as a friendly tourist spot with many buildings constructed in a Japanese-Chinese architectural style.  Museums, temples, and many more buildings are very well preserved.

Another good reason to visit would be to enjoy the wide variety of different local foods.  The special herbs added to simple bowls of noodles or rice give the best taste ever.  The five tour stops are the central museum, an assembly hall, an ancient house, the Japanese Bridge, and a handicraft workshop.